Ray Kurzweil
Author, entrepreneur, futurist and inventor
Natasha Vita-More
Executive Director of Humanity Plus, Inc
Ben Goertzel
PhD Vice-chair, Humanity Plus
Aubrey de Grey
Founder, SENS Research Foundation
Liz Parrish
Liz Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva Sciences USA Inc.
Jose Luis Cordeiro
PhD Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science
David Wood
SCD Chair, London Futurists
Charlie Kam
Sponsor, organizer and Master, TransVision 2007, Chicago
Didier Coeurnelle
Co-chair, Healthy Life Extension Society
Alexandre Maurer
Vice-president, French Transhumanist Association
Anders Sandberg
Senior research fellow, Future of Humanity Institute at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford
Fernando Botella
CEO, Think&Action
Philippe van Nedervelde
Founder & CEO, E-SPACES
Fernando Enis
Multimedia Producer. Director, Moico (first transhumanist spanish film)
João Pedro Magalhães
Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool
Rodolfo Goya
Institute for Biochemical Research (INIBIOLP), National University of La Plata, La Plata, Argentina
Javier Wrana
PhD, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Valerija Pride
Founder of the Russian Transhumanist Movement. Co-founder and Executive Director of KrioRus
Sergio Tarrero
Alianza Futurista
Jay Friedenberg
Professor of Psychology at Manhattan College.
Alejandro Sacristán
Institutional Relations at EmpaticaXR. Vice President of La Voz de la Ciencia. Curator of ArtFutura, Member of El Aviador Dro.
Melanie Swan
Best-selling author, technology futurist and academic researcher
Rudi Hoffman
World Leader in Cryonic Insurances
Paul Spiegel
Founder & CEO LIBERTAS Biomedical
Vitto Claut
Lawyer and President of the Italian association of Cryopreservation and Life Extention
David Pearce
Co-founder, World Transhumanist Association
Elena Milova
Director, Life Extension Advocacy Foundation
Stanislav Polozov
CIO at Emer Group, CEO at Highcross
Carlos Rodríguez Sau
Lawyer specialized in technology and cyberlaw
Jaime del Val
Transdisciplinary meta-media artist, promotor of the Metabody Project and Reverso
Ramón Risco
Spin-Off “SafePreservation”
Javier Cremades
President of Cremades & Calvo Sotelo Lawyers
Antonio Miguel Carmona
President, Spanish Association of Singularity. Councillor, Madrid City Council
Felipe Debasa
Historian, futurist and Lawyer. Phd, Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain, EU). Member of financial club Génova’s board of directors
Andrés Grases
Owner of transhumanplus.com
Mira Kwak
Independent researcher, lecturer
Adolfo Castilla
Chris Monteiro
Pirate, sysadmin, transhumanist, internet hipster
Jim Mellon
Presidente Burnbrae Group
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